Buying A Property

Conveyancing can be complex so here is a simple step by step checklist of what we can do for you when buying a property.

Step 1 Before Contract

We help by reviewing the contract and advising on the conditions of the contract; arranging inspections (if needed); liaising with the financier to obtain loan approval; and negotiating any special conditions or changes.

Step 2 Sign Up / Exchange

We keep you informed of all steps up to this point and we can do that by phone, email, mail or face-to-face meetings – whichever you prefer. We won’t enter you into a contract until all the boxes are ticked and you have authorised us to do so.

Step 3 Before Settlement

Before your settlement, we order the necessary searched and review results, prepare land titles office forms for registration; liaise with other parties including your real estate agent and the vendor’s conveyancer; prepare adjustments and confirm settlement arrangements. We can also arrange government grants if applicable.

Step 4 Day of Settlement

We attend settlement on your behalf to obtain your clear title.

Step 5 After Settlement

We attend to registration of your documents, ensure payments of rates and levies required of the vendor have been paid; confirm settlement to you by way of copies of documentation and a balance sheet showing funds disbursement.



We’re with you every step of the way!