Selling Your Property

Here is a basic overview of the key services we will provide as your trusted conveyancer when you are selling a property.

Step 1 On listing For Sale

We prepare the contract with necessary disclosures and searches and send the contract to the agent for listing.

Step 2 Sign up / Exchange

We receive the sales advice with special conditions and purchase price, and send final contract to buyer’s conveyancer. We also liaise with buyer’s conveyancer on any special conditions and negotiated amendments if required. We arrange for you to sign the contract, and arrange to exchange the contract with the buyer’s conveyancer.

Step 3 Before Settlement

We make arrangements for settlement, review any adjustments and verify settlement document are complete and ready.

Step 4 Day of Settlement

We attend settlement on your behalf and collect your sale proceeds for you.

Step 5 After Settlement

We prepare and send the final letter of advice confirming settlement, including balance sheet with complete financial outcome; attend to banking of your funds and we notify relevant organisations that you are no longer the owner of the property, We also assist with any short term follow up that is required, such as rates notices.



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